Coding, Robotics, And a stem dojo in a box

What’s in a Box?

Building Box is a social enterprise that converts shipping containers into prefabricated tech workshops for schools, libraries, and pop up parks. It is a one stop solution and the quickest means to provide your community with the training environment needed for tomorrow’s technology driven economy.

BYOB: Build Your Own Box

The modular environment comes outfitted with the software and hardware needed to host a world class learning center. The contents of each Box are customized based on the objectives and needs of your organization.
The Building Box team also provides your instructors and volunteers with training needed to run the Box.

How it works

The majority of users come to Building Box with little exposure to technology besides video games, smartphones, and social media. After only one session, students will come out with an experience that can empower them to explore the power of coding, robotics, and STEM.

The Story behind Building Box

Over the last 3 years, our team of engineers and social innovators have been creating solutions to provide internet, technology, and electricity to under privileged areas around the world.

Over the last 30 days, our team has created a world class learning environment that we now call Building Box. Building Box has been designed and optimized so that it can be sent to any location on the planet.